6 Myths About Marriage That Are Not True

Getting married, everybody should understand that this is not only about a fun joint pastime, but it is also about a responsibility to your partner. People who are going to get married, expect to get Hollywood carefree love, but they are not ready to face different challenges. Marriage is always a test for two people, so you should be free of the myths about marriage and be ready to work on it.

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Myth 1. A good marriage begins with the definition of who will always be right.

Marriage, like a relationship, needs the work of two people. However, often after the wedding, one of the partners tries to turn a solo or to shift all the responsibility to their spouse. It happens because of one of the marriage myths that there is always one who is to blame and one who is right in the marriage. Such a position will not bring benefits to either side because there is no smoke without fire, and the conflict arises through the fault of both partners. So, do not think that you are right by default.

Myth 2. Drifting apart in marriage is a usual thing.

You could hear that often, married spouses begin to drift apart over time. Of course, it is quite normal to have your own hobbies, but it’s about strong distancing. This insignificant myth must be dispelled, and you should not take this way of life for a model. You have only one life, and if you are suffering in this relationship, then it is better to break up. Marriage means that you should love, understand and support each other. Otherwise, it is just a mutually beneficial cohabitation.

Myth 3. In a marriage, you will get close without any effort.

This is a reverse side of the previous myth that is also another extreme and can be included in top 10 myths about marriage. A happy marriage is a product of the partners’ constant work on themselves, including an elimination of their own shortcomings and roughness that can harm the relationship. Marriage requires the constant interaction of partners. People cannot get close enough if both of them do not make an effort. They will not be able to achieve harmony in the relationship unless they work on them.

Myth 4. One partner can solve common problems.

It is generally believed that one partner is able to solve all the problems that can arise in a marriage. So, a man with his tough nature is able to fix things, and a woman, using wisdom and affection, can smooth out absolutely all sharp corners. However, to expect that one person will be able to save a relationship is just as absurd as to hope that one person will be able to win a football match, playing against the whole team.

Myth 5. Married partners forget about their hobbies and interests.

When you started dating, you knew perfectly well and reconciled with each other’s hobbies, so why should you forget about things that make you happy? It is quite normal that each spouse wants to spend time, devoting themselves to a favorite hobby. If you want to set aside a few hours a week to delve into your home library, then do it. At the same time, leave space for creativity to your spouse too. It is necessary to respect each other’s interests. Some marriage myths and realities have nothing in common.

Myth 6. People get married only to meet their specific goals.

Kings were forced to get married only for economic reasons, and not for love. However, if the crown requires convenience but not feelings when choosing the most advantageous partner, then this approach is unacceptable for an ordinary person. Undoubtedly, marriage implies mutual assistance, but it should not be built on benefits. Only strong mutual feelings and your great desire to create your own happily ever after can be a reason for getting married.


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