Top Five College Research Paper Examples and Tips on Writing
Top Five College Research Paper Examples and Tips on Writing

Do you use college research paper examples when you write a research paper? Do you need to use examples or had you better write on your own?

Top Five College Research Paper Examples – Do you Need them?

Studying at college is different than studying at school. Here, you write not only essays but complicated research papers as well.  Do you need them that much or would it be better to rely on your own knowledge? Everything depends on your circumstances.

When It Is Better to Use a Sample

Sometimes, when you are given a topic or a direction, you don’t get any additional information or guidelines. In such a case, if you don’t know how to write a research paper, you had better check examples. Select those which are suitable and write your paper based on them. How to find college research paper examples? You will find this information further in the article.

When Is It Better Not to Use a Sample – Are There Such Situations?

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Sometimes, you get a topic and detailed instructions, which you have to follow strictly. In this case, samples can give you the general idea what to write about, in which direction you can develop your paper, but you still stick to your guidelines to write according to them.

It is recommended to check samples even if your topic is very unusual, maybe, even unique. Writing a research paper is a challenging task, and samples can help you to organize the information and to arrange your thoughts and ideas. They can give you new ideas which you have never thought of before.

After you have selected and revised a number of samples (not necessarily many, the main thing is that they should have proper quality), you start with your research paper.

Make an Outline

After researching the topic, you have plenty of ideas. An outline helps to arrange them in a structure, to systemize them. Any research paper consists of standard parts, such as:

  • The introduction
  • The main part
  • The conclusion
  • Attachments, if any, and the list of sources.

Writing an Introduction

An introduction is where you explain to your reader why this topic is important. Why can your topic be important to the reader? Which position have you taken on the issue? Are there any confronting views? Do they have a chance to be correct?

A research paper isn’t an essay, so, a funny story would be appropriate when you are introducing the paper, but not in the paper itself. You can tell a story before starting the discussion, to prepare the audience for the issue, but you had better avoid writing it in a paper if it is not a paper in a specific field.

The Main Part Explains Everything in Details

In the main part, you discuss each opinion, each position on the issue which you have researched. You compare those opinions with your ideas, discuss why they are right or wrong. Can they be improved? Can they influence your position in one or another way? Why have you selected them to discuss in your research paper?

Make sure you describe each viewpoint in a separate paragraph or a chapter if the research paper is big. It is okay when you devote some chapters to one idea, but it is not fine if you describe and analyze a few views in one section.

Do not compare just based on your knowledge, as you may be not the best expert in the field. Draw your own conclusions, but based on experts’ opinion. Cite experts, refer to them. Then, your paper will create a better impression, and your arguments will sound more convincing.

The Conclusion Is Not Only a Summary

The conclusion of a research paper is not just the summary of what you have written before. In the conclusion, you remind the reader of the issue, the solutions. You state your ideas in a clear and short form and provide evidence to prove why your ideas and your solutions are the best ones.


Do you have any graphs that you have used to prove your opinion or to disconfirm an opposing idea? Have you found some rare photos that illustrate the issue? Maybe a medical report, or a record? Whatever is important for your research, you can attach it for the reader to check.


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In the research paper, you have cited experts to support your view. You have used different sources to conduct research. Do not forget to mention all of them. This will add a professional look to your paper and will definitely impress your teacher. Now, proofread your paper, and it is ready for submission.


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